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How to install vinyl wrap on vehicle in 6 steps?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Vinyl car wrapping seems an easy job. But you should be aware that there are some details/ skills which are very significant while applying the vinyl. If you don't consider these particular things, you are not able to install vinyl graphics perfectly. And of course, you need to be patient! Here are some tips to help your vinyl wrap look professional.

Vinyl Installation

1- Remove any hurdle from the vehicle surface

Remove any accessories/ logos or other obstacles on the surface if they are removable to make your surface as flat as you can.

2- Clean the surface from dirt

Wash it with soapy water first, rinse it and dry it with a towel, then clean it with alcohol 70%. Make sure the surface is dry before going to the next step. Try to keep it out of dust till you'll apply vinyl on.

3- Peel off the vinyl back liner

It is better not to do it alone. Remove the paperback and apply it on the surface. Start with flatter parts, and stretch the vinyl sheet as much as you can because it helps to reduce possible crinkles.

4- Spray the place you want to apply vinyl on

We recommend using Rapid TAC to wet the surface. Gently spray the whole area and squeegee it.

5- Squeegee and detailed cut

Use felt squeegee to push vinyl down decently. Try to get the air and remove bubbles. Now cut vinyl out to all edges, shapes, corners, and curves. This step is a bit tricky. Apply heat to stretch vinyl easily.

6- Heating

Use a heat gun to activate adhesive. If you see some bubbles are shown up, popped them with a pin.

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