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aluminum signs

Aluminum/Metal Signs are lightweight, durable, and rustproof making them ideal for all outdoor sign applications. Parking signs, property signs, traffic signs, and construction signs are just a few of the many uses of aluminum signage.

Aluminum Blanks Sign

Blank Metal Sign

Pre-cut standard sizes (0.06")

Our standard aluminum sizes are:

  • 6" x 12"

  • 12" x 12"

  • 12" x 18"

  • 18" x 18"

  • 18" x 24"

  • 24" x 24"


We print your sign directly to the sign blank.

Custom Aluminum Sign

CNC Routed Sign

Custom Aluminum Signs

Our 5' x 10' CNC router can cut complex shapes from aluminum sheets of any thickness up to 1"

Machine cut aluminum can feature engravings, pre-drilled holes for mounting, and beveled edges.

Brushed Aluminum Sign

Brushed Aluminum

Low Glare

Brushed Aluminum provides a high end look which and is frequently used in high end office furnishings, luxury automobiles, and of course, attractive business signs. Aluminum can be brushed at any thickness to add a matte, textured look to the metal sign.

Mounting Options

Double Sided Tape

  • 3M Very High Bond (pictured)

  • 3M D/S foam tape (for rough surfaces)

Aluminum Standoffs

  • 1" diameter x 3/4" spacing (pictured)

  • 1/2" diameter x 3/4" spacing

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