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3D textured printing on almost any surface

Flatbed UV Printing

Our state of the art 4' x 8' flatbed UV printer uses a type of ink that cures instantly under a UV light attached to the print carriage. This means the print is dry immediately for use. This technology allows the printer to build up layers of cured ink to make 3D textures. 


3D Tactile Printing

We can make any print three dimensional with UV ink, but the most common use of this technology is braille signage. We make ADA compliant signs in all sizes and colours. They can be mounted with double sided tape like the ones in this example. Or they can be made with pre drille holes for screws.

Mimaki JFX Printer

Our 4' x 8' flatbed UV printer can print on acrylic, PVC, metal surfaces, and many other materials. It can print directly onto almost any flat object less than 2" thick. The printer has the standard CMYK inks, as well as white and clear.

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